John Parsons

John Parsons became intrigued by US 89 when he moved to Tucson on Valentine's Day 1979.  In the years since then, Parsons has traveled almost all of US 89.  With each Road Trip on a portion of US 89, Parsons became more and more curious about the highway.  Finally in his 70th year, Parsons decided to put everything else aside and delve into the roots, Family tree and branches of "all things US 89."  Some people ask Parsons, "Why US 89?"  His answer is simple: "It's the most fascinating highway I know."  Route 66 may be a national icon but US 89 has so much more to offer than Route 66.  For US 89, it's primarily all about American Scenic Splendor.  Calling US 89 our "National Parks Highway" merely scratches the surface of the wondrous kaleidoscope awaiting travelers.  Culture and history abound beyond the wondrous vistas.